White Label online PoPI

onlinePoPI can be setup as a complete "White Labeling" solution, allowing you to offer the onlinePoPI Tool as a solution to your clients as if it was your own tool/solution.

There are different ways the white labeling portal can be setup

  1. You get your own themed and branded portal that your clients can access with a unique URL.
    Exmaple: yourbrand.gctools.co.za
  2. It can run on a subdomain of your own domain.
    Example: popi.yourbrand.com
  3. It can be embedded directly into your own website and integrated with your own user management system.
  4. Full turnkey solution - including user registration and online payments
    Available soon.
onlinePoPI Image

Some Benefits and Features of the White Labeling Solution:

  • You can set your own pricing with your client, independent of the pricing of Genesis Corporate
  • onlinePoPI and Genesis Corporate branding is removed from the reports and interface
  • The tool and documentation is themed with your own corporate colours
  • Custom questions and documentation can be setup (or existing ones customised) for your clients
  • A live chat widget can be setup so your clients can directly chat with you or someone from your firm if they need help
  • You are able to see/help/collaborate with your clients in filling out their assessment and seeing their results
  • Custom videos with your branding, to help your clients use the tool
  • Saves you a lot of time, as your clients should/will do most of the work themselves with filling out the assessment
    • This is advantageous to your client though, as per requirements in the Act, this will double as them having their compliance framework in place and training themselves as they will learn about the PoPI Act as they go through the assessment.


The same white labeling portal will allow you to offer our other (and future) tools when they are ready.

There is a cost for the white labeling portal, as each portal requires a custom setup - this can vary depending on your requirements.

If would like to know more about becoming a White Label Partner, please send us an email: whitelabel@genesiscorporate.co.za