How Much Does online PoPI Cost?

Assessment Quantity Bulk Discount Pro (Ex VAT)
Per Assessment *
Xpress (Ex VAT)
Per Assessment *
Body Corporate (Ex VAT)
Per Assessment *
Trust (Ex VAT)
Per Assessment *
Public Body (Ex VAT)
Per Assessment *
1 - 10 0% R4,999 R2,999 R3,999 R3,499 R5,999
11 - 20 5% R4,749 R2,849 R3,799 R3,324  
21 - 50 10% R4,499 R2,699 R3,599 R3,149  
50+ 15% R4,249 R2,549 R3,399 R2,974  

* Annual Fee (12 month subscription)

You can run the tool as often as you like during an active subscription

This works out to be approximately only R400 per month for PoPI piece of mind

For example:

If you are doing 3 PoPI Assessment's (on 3 different entities) then this will be 3 x R4999 = R14997

If you are doing 12 PoPI Assessment's (on 12 different entities) then this will be 12 x R4749 = R56998


Please see "White Label" for an option of providing the onlinePoPI tool to your clients, branded as if it was your own.


onlinePoPI Pro for Private Bodies

The PoPI Pro Assessment for Private bodies - Questions, Company Act References and PAIA Manual are applicable to Private Bodies.

onlinePoPI for Public Bodies

The PoPI Assessment for Public bodies - Questions, Company Act References and PAIA Manual are applicable to Public Bodies.

onlinePoPI Xpress

A shorter PoPI Assessment for smaller / lower risk entities, and at a lower cost. It has appropriate questions and documentation removed (It does not include a PAIA Manual).

Qualification Criterea for onlinePoPI Xpress:

  • Private Body
  • Annual Turnover less than R10,000,000
  • Less than 10 Employees
  • No Transborder Flow of Information
  • Responsible Party has less than 5 Data Operators
  • No processing of Personal Information of Children
  • No processing of Special Personal Information
    • Religious or Philosophical Beliefs
    • Trade Union Membership
    • Political Persuation
    • Health or Sex Life details
    • Biometric Information
    • Criminal Behavious
    • Race is excluded for BBBEE purposes